Here’s Google’s Echo Show competitor, the Home Hub

Here’s Google’s Echo Show competitor, the Home Hub

This is Google’s Echo Show competitor, the Home Hub. We knew it was coming, via an avalanche of leaks and now, moments before the event has officially kicked off, here it is in all of its glory by way of the full leaked product video (again spotted by 9 to 5 Google).  The product is a looker — especially compared to the last two generations of Amazon’s Echo Show.

Moments later, the head of hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh, made the device official at an event in New York City.

The device looks like an Android tablet mounted on top of a speaker — which ought to address the backward firing sound, which is one of the largest design flaws of the recently introduced Echo Show 2. The speaker fabric comes in a number of different colors, in keeping with the rest of the Pixel/Home products, including the new Aqua.

Google says the product was also purposefully made smaller in order to better fit in the home. Size wise, the device seems to split the difference between the Show and Spot. The product also features ambient light and white balance sensors to adjust to its environment. It will also shut the display off at night, when it’s time to go to bed.

The device joins a trio of “Smart Displays” for Google Assistant built by JBL, Lenovo and LG. Design-wise Lenovo’s was the best of the bunch, but the Home Hub looks to have outclassed it. The functions pretty much what you’d expect from these devices, including traffic, weather and cooking. Of course, Google’s got one key, not so secret weapon against Amazon: YouTube.

Google has also clearly made fitness a key piece here, showing off some yoga classes on the product, along with a touchscreen smart home control center.

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Source: Tech Crunch

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