Here is the Google Pixel 3

Here is the Google Pixel 3

There are no surprises in the world of consumer electronics. We’ve already seen the Pixel 3 from every conceivable angle, both in video and still. And now, mere minutes before today’s event is set to kickoff, Verizon (the company that owns the company that owns TechCrunch, mind) has gone ahead and confirmed the thing on its site.

Moments later, the head of hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh, made the device official at an event in New York City.

Contrary to some earlier renders, the third version of Google’s Android flagship (spotted by 9 to 5 Google) does boast a sizable notch up top, in keeping with earlier images of the larger XL. Makes sense, after all, Google went out of its way to boast about notch functionality when it introduced Pie, the latest version of its mobile OS.

The specs are admittedly still a bit spot via the carrier page, but the bullet points do confirm most of what we thought we knew about the handset. Google’s sticking to the single camera on the rear of the device, in contrast to the majority of the competition.

The front facing camera (hence the notch) has been improved here, bringing with it wide angle selfies, and the ability to skip photos where the subject is blinking (a feature found on other competing handsets, including the Galaxy Note 9.

No specifics on the battery yet, beyond “all day,” along with wireless charging on-board. The ability to access Google Assistant with a squeeze, first introduced by HTC on its own handsets, is back as well.

We’re here at the event, and we’ll  keep updating when Google finally spills the beans.

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Source: Tech Crunch

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